Up Next Marketers isn't a typical marketers bootcamp. We're a career accelerator that helps you find direction, work experience, and a curated network of driven peers and mentors.

Kicking off on September 16, 2022
$150 USD


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Early Marketers

You have 1-3 years of marketing experience but want to meet peers that inspire you and find opportunities to explore different marketing specialties.

Recently Shifted Marketers

You are a professional pivoting towards a marketing career and are looking for the network and resources to set you up for success.

Curious Marketers

You have some marketing experience but want to learn about different functions in marketing and understand how to build thriving careers in them.

Not sure if Up Next Marketers is for you? Schedule a free consultation with one of our sprint leaders to let us know how we can help!


Our fellowship gears you up to leverage opportunities in the field of marketing by working on a project with one of our partner companies (or your own company).

Ready to build real experience?



Build a project and explore the marketing specialties of brand strategy, performance marketing, and marketing analytics over the next 4 weeks.

🚀 The Evolution of the Marketer

The role of the marketer is constantly evolving. This week is all about building up your industry knowledge and learning how to build a successful career in the field of marketing.

At the end of the week, you’ll pick a project that will best set you up for your career goals during an individual consultation with your peer mentor.

🖼 Brand Strategy

This week is about shaping public perception to increase a company’s value. Learn how social media, public relations, and creatives work together form a powerful brand strategy.

At the start of the week, you’ll meet your project mentor for the first time and break down the challenge your company or partner company is facing.

🧪 Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing has always been a story about paid media, content, and SEO. Learn how to compete in a marketing space where everyone is doing the same thing by aligning, optimising, and experimenting on paid channels like a professional.

You’ll meet with your project and peer mentors to discuss from the week and answer any important questions about your project.

📊 Marketing Data and Analytics

Data is at the core of every top marketer's toolkit. Here, you’ll perform qualitative and quantitative analysis in an effective way and understand how to think about numbers with a strategic lens.

You’ll incorporate these techniques to your projects, making sure they’re grounded in data and rigid analysis before submission.


Learn from successful marketers who have been where you are. Here are some of the peers and mentors who will shape your Up Next Marketing Fellowship journey.

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Alumni, NXT F3


Head of Marketing at Up Next


Course Advisor


Alumni, NXT SM1


Alumni, NXT F2


Community Lead, Peer Mentor


Course Associate, Peer Mentor


Alumni, NXT SM1
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Alumni, NXT SM1


Course Associate, Peer Mentor


Project Mentor


Alumni, NXT SM1

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